I’m available to record guitars here at my home studio. To see a list of some of my equipment, head over to the Gear page. In addition to that list, I have access to many different pieces of gear as needed. If scheduling permits, I’m available to record guitars on location at your studio or at a full studio I work out of.


On occasion, I’m available to fill in for shows as a rhythm, lead, or acoustic guitarist.

Technical Direction

I can handle all tech-related coordination for your upcoming event or concert, and a highly-qualified team member or I can be on location to help oversee all production elements.

Equipment Rentals

Some of the backline, audio, video, and recording equipment listed on the Gear page is available for rental; head over to the Contact page to inquire about rental rates and terms. All equipment is in Atlanta, GA, USA, and rates will reflect any necessary shipping charges.

Show Track Programming

I can edit or create high-quality customized show audio tracks for your band/act to use live, including mono or stereo audio with click & cues.

Kemper Amp Tutorials

Guitarists: I’m available to help you navigate your Kemper Profiler/Profiling Amp, as I’ve been a daily user since 2013 and know how to get the most out of it. Let me know what your needs are on the Contact page and we can set up a virtual private tutorial.

Additional Services

I’m also available to transcribe/create PDF chord charts for your songs, shoot/edit small video projects, teach guitar lessons, and build/manage websites. Send me a message on the Contact page for more information.

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